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3D Pickle

3D Pickle

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20 oz 3D hand sculpted, air brushed, pickle. 

This is what I call a sensory cup. Great for anyone that has ADD, ADHD, Autism, or other attention conditions. I am an ADD/ADHD person. I find that if I have something for my hands to play with, without being distracting that I can focus when in meetings, when I am watching TV, talking on the phone etc...

I will have a whole line of sensory cups coming soon!

This cup cannot have a name put on it unless it is on the bottom of the cup. The entire cup has texture. But, if you would like one that allows for a name on the side of the cup, I can replicate this cup and make sure to leave a space to put a name that does not have sculpted pickle texture.

*Single Vinyl name: $5

*Double Vinyl name: $10

If you request a custom 3D Pickle know that you will be added into the 3D custom que. The current waitlist is 8-10 months but may change in the future. 


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