Collection: 3D Tumblers

This is all things 3D. I will post more as I create them. Some will be examples of what I make and some will simply be ready to ship. 

🌺 If you want to request a specific 3D hand sculpted project, please be aware that there is a 8-10 month waiting list. This is simply because as of now (4-27-23) I have a list of 35 special requests. My 3D hand sculpted tumblers can take anywhere from 10 - 80 hrs to sculpt, paint & epoxy. Since this isn't my full time job yet, I work on these when I have time. BUT...I PROMISE it will totally be worth the wait if you choose to order one!! 🌺

* How does it work when I want to order a specialized hand sculpted 3D Tumbler?

    • Once I get to your name on the list of orders, I will get a hold of you and you will be required to put a nonrefundable deposit down on the tumbler based on the complexity, aprox time, & materials I will need to use (aprox ½ the cost of the tumbler) Then before it gets epoxied you will be asked to complete the payment. If payment is not received within 15 days of the request for final payment, then the product will be posted as a ready to ship on my site. If you chose not to accept the work after it has gotten to the point of being ready to epoxy, then it will be added to my site as ready to ship! (Your deposit will not be refunded)

So, please remember if you are choosing to order one of these fun, beautiful pieces of functional art, that these are very laborious and I put a lot of Aloha into every piece!!!